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Anonymous asked: What sorority are you in?

Sorry, I don’t want to say! But just know that I love my sorority and Greek life in general! It’s made me a better person and a more confident woman! 

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Anonymous asked: Are you a republican?

Yes! But I occasionally find myself on the more liberal side of a few social issues. 

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Anonymous asked: Honey, the Republicans passed that bill because they can't afford to look bad with midterm elections coming up. Not raising the debt ceiling makes them look REALLY bad in the eyes of the American people. (it would also downgrade our credit rating, and in turn our interest rate would go up!) They know the dems could lose the senate this election cycle, and they want it very badly. So if anything Republican congressmen (and women) are going to be on their best behavior. Put your popcorn on hold

First of all, thanks for reading my blog! I actually completely agree that it’s probably a very good thing for Republicans that this bill passed. We obviously cannot afford to default on our debt and I know voters across the country are sick of people in DC playing politics.

In my personal opinion, if Republicans want any chance of taking over the Senate in November, they needed this clean bill to pass. But the majority of Republicans, especially the not-so-moderates, voted against the bill so it’s actually the Dems who pretty much pushed this one though. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this bill….just trying to state the facts! :)

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